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NewsFundr is an entirely new way to fund and deliver the news. With no advertisers, editors or power brokers, NewsFundr journalists have the freedom to report what's really going on.

NewsFundr journalists choose their own beat, assign their own stories, and can crowdfund the expense of longer, more complicated investigations. Journalists are paid entirely through direct subscriptions from readers. Readers subscribe to the journalists they choose, and never pay for news they don't trust. All journalists agree to abide by the Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics.*

NewsFundr's goal is to bring local journalists back to every community, and enable independent news reporting by any journalist, anywhere, and provide the tools they need to excel. Readers who don't have a favored journalist can subscribe to the NewsFundr Legal Defense Fund or the News Fund to help support all NewsFundr Journalists.

Together we can change the news. Let's make it happen.

*no endorsement implied.

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