NewsFundr makes it simple for journalists to publish their work, share it online, and get paid.

Journalists choose their beat.

No editors, no story assignments, no pressure from advertisers. Complete editorial freedom.

Get paid.

Journalists get paid monthly for subscriptions, and upon publication for crowdfunding campaigns. We charge 20% commission. It’s that simple.

World-class secure, encrypted email.

Easy end-to-end encryption helps protect journalists and their sources from hacking and surveillance.

Paid Time Off

NewsFundr makes it easy for journalists to take time off, and still get paid. NewsFundr also has a program to help readers support journalists through longer periods of hiatus, such as family leave.

Features coming to NewsFundr soon:

The News Fund

The News Fund is NewsFundr’s exclusive network of reader-funded grants and fellowships to support journalism in communities traditionally underserved by traditional media.

Legal Defense Fund

The NewsFundr Legal Defense Fund helps journalists who need to use the courts to gain access to otherwise public information, to defend against libel/defamation claims, and assist journalists who are detained or arrested in the course of their reporting.

Media Liability Insurance

Journalists who are accepted onto the NewsFundr platform will be protected by NewsFundr’s media liability insurance.

Easy Rewards

Earn more by offering incentives like tote bags and T-shirts to readers who support your projects. Our eco-friendly printer will ship rewards directly to readers.

Marketing Plan

We’ve developed a marketing plan to help journalists directly nurture and grow their audience locally.

Social Media Dashboard

Manage all digital marketing efforts from one dashboard. Utilize analytics to better understand readers.

And So Much More

We’re just getting started! Our goal is to provide journalists with everything they need to do their jobs safely, effectively, and transparently.

How it works:

Choose your beat. Publish just one thoughtful, well-researched story daily, Monday through Friday. Earn additional income by crowdfunding larger investigations, published weekly on Sundays. Get paid instantly via Stripe. Journalists must agree to abide by the Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics and the NewsFundr writers guidelines. Violations will result in a lifetime ban from the platform.

We’re seeking:

Experienced, ethical journalists with a deep commitment to producing fair, substantive and meaningful news. Journalists should have superb research skills which extend beyond the internet, and excellent organization and planning skills. A minimum of three years’ experience is required. Been out of the game a while? No worries. Many great people have been forced out of the industry over the years. Welcome back. Apply below.

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Writing Sample

Writing Sample

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