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NewsFundr is a full service platform for independent journalists. Journalists choose their beat, assign their stories and are entirely responsible for their own content. They are supported directly by their readers through subscriptions and crowdfunding campaigns.

The nature of journalism is such that news articles are sometimes considered unpopular or offensive. As long as the article was reported according to the Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics and the NewsFundr Writers Guidelines,  we stand behind our journalists. The best way for a reader to register their complaint against a journalist is to withdraw their subscription and support a different journalist.

NewsFundr does not respond to readers who have complaints about specific articles, or anonymous complaints. NewsFundr does investigate allegations of ethical and guideline violations by a journalists. If serious allegations are proven true, the journalist my be banned from NewsFundr for life. To submit a complaint, contact [email protected] Include your full name, phone and links to any relevant evidence.